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The Haters Guide to the 2018 NFL Playoffs

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It’s been a rather dismal season for the NFL, from a civil war between Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones to anthem protests to instances where nobody knows what a catch is. The fortunate thing is that it’s over. And it can be erased with a great playoffs.

Will this year bring us epic matchups for the ages? Or will it just be more blowouts like this year in general? This video will hopefully allow you to figure out… something.

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5 thoughts on “The Haters Guide to the 2018 NFL Playoffs

  1. I feel for hating Stan k, but I care more about the players. I live in St Louis so I Definitely HATE that man, for all I care he can die in a ditch, but the players deserve it. They have gone through a lot and to get to the playoffs after a dumpster fire of a last season I think they could make it to the super bowl, no joke. TD;LR The players matter more than the owner

  2. Let me put on my tin foil hat real quick.

    I honestly don’t think the NFL will let the Vikings go to the Superbowl. Having a home team go to the superbowl means less people traveling in and less people to buy their overpriced everything. I was told (no I don’t have any proof of this) that the Superbowl committee could stand to lose upwards of 500 mil if the Vikings go. It’ll be interesting to see the Refing during those games.

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