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Soaring Lundin Golf Ridge

Last flight/site of the day soaring the ridge I last flew during lunch break on a PBM Photographic photo shoot about 12 years ago :-)

A day from junior tennis tour in USA

US WINTER TENNIS TRIP Training camp program - Casely Internationals Bradenton - Eddie Herr w/doubles - Little/Big Mo w/doubles/mix - Casely Internationals Pembroke Pines - Orange BOWL

Argentine Soccer Team’s Goalie Training is F**king INTENSE

If we were to name some training methods - that included fire, hanging upside down, bike riding, or balancing on a barrel, you might think we were talking about a Circus! But nope, it's just the Argentinian Soccer team Goalie Training! Check out what these guys go through to be

Tactical Boards Soccer Demo

Tactical Soccer it's an affordable cross-platform tactical and player assessment app specially tailored for the soccer coaches. Specially designed to help Directors of Coaching, Academy Directors, and Coaches easily create exercises, training sessions, set pieces, match formations, line-ups and more. Our product also allows for management of all player data

Sweethands Stickhandling Trainer Review – Hockey Training Aid UK @Hockey

Sweethands Stickhandling Trainer Review - Hockey Training Aid UK @Hockey Thanks for watching. If you like video please ☞ "SUBCRIBE" - "LIKE" - "SHARE" -"COMMENT". Pick yours up - Full article - Twitter - Facebook - Stick handling is one of the most important fundamental skills in hockey. You need good

MOTI 3D Soccer Training Platform

Overview of the New MOTI 3D Soccer Training Platform and MOTI Moble true 3D Animation Player of Soccer Skills and Drills for Coaches and Players to use.

Free Hitting – The Most Underrated Way Of Tennis Training

With so much information online and on the court about tennis technique, practicing patterns of play with drills and working on your mental game, you may forget that one of the best ways to practice is to just hit down the middle with your partner. It is one of the most