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I Got Laid Out + 2 Goals – Beer League Hockey UHWK

I Got Laid Out + 2 Goals - Beer League Hockey UHWK Hey guys, here's some footage from one of my two hockey teams I play for. Hope you enjoy! : ) UHWK Action Camera: If you enjoyed the video, please 1. Give it a Like 2. Comment your thoughts 3. Subscribe for more

GoPro Hockey #13 | LAST SECOND WIN!

The Peanutz win a thriller in the final minute of the game! Kovan & Electro-Light- Skyline [NCS Release] [Kovan] • • • [Electro-Light] • • •


Hockey dekes for days. Doctor Dangles puts the "DANG" in "DANGles". Get it? Probably not. Most of you can't read. Note: This episode is a bit shorter than it should have been. The timeline had the incorrect length displayed. You win some and you lose some. Half Improv Comedy. Half Horrible Hockey. Mic'd


Half Improv Comedy. Half Horrible Hockey. Mic'd Up and Head Down. Your number 1 source for horrible hockey and decent insults. UHWK Camera GoPro like Camera Action Camera

Jersey Whale Hockey – Whale vs. Americans (4.9.17)

Net cam highlights from our game against the Americans on 4/9/17. Available in HD! We came out with a full head of steam and set the tone throughout the first period. Unfortunately, the Americans stayed right with us and eventually unleashed an offensive push that we couldn't match. Although there is

April 6th 2017 Tigers Hockey Goalie GoPro Championship Game

The final game for the Tigers against the Penguins, we tied them 1 - 1 in the game in the round robin and they were one of the tougher teams in the league. Tigers buckled down hard and played an amazing game and system, keeping most shots to the outside