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6 thoughts on “Jimmy Garoppolo Has Played 5 Games in the NFL

  1. Even if Jimmy Garoppolo does lead the 49ers to the Superbowl, it doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, I was stunned he got traded, but Jimmy deserves to have a chance to shine, and he wouldn’t get that chance for quite a while if he stayed, so for his career, I’m glad for Jimmy. Might it come back to haunt us years down the road? Maybe, but also maybe not. Either way, I’ll root for my Pats, just like I have since I was 4 (46 years).. even when we couldn’t win a game that was handed to us.

  2. bro bellichick wanted to trade Brady for a haul and keep jimmy this year because he knows how good Jimmy will be for the next 10+ years but Kraft overruled it. the entire trade was Kraft’s doing not Bill’s. u a patriots fan u should know this

  3. The pats got a second round pick from the 49ers which is the same round they got Jimmy G in. There is also a lot of NFL talent in college QB’s

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