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5 thoughts on “Hockey Draft Lottery 2017 Edition

  1. At 10 minutes you said you were surprised by Pageau… FYI a few years ago in the playoffs he did it against the Habs. A hat trick. This time it’s even better. 4 goals. Equalizer and overtime goal. Anyway, thanks for your channel. Like it!!!

  2. In the end this is the kind of thing that happens.

    Can say the system is anti-tank. But all it really results in is being “anti-bad”. This result is perfect as an example of why it was a bad idea to do this. All this does is create an NHL ghetto. Bad teams can go without help. Does that make them better sooner? No it, keeps them bad to mediocre for longer periods of time. NJ? Sure they could use the help. Dallas? The Flyers? They don’t need that help. They’ll use it, but they don’t need it to take a step forward.

    Good luck selling a rebuild to management. You can’t even give them a sort of guarantee of high picks to turn it around faster. All teams can really do is stumble around in the dark and hope random chance gets them a high pick. I just feel bad for the teams at the bottom. How about Vegas? They didn’t tank. They just get here and are punished by getting punted to 6th overall.

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