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5 Soccer Winger Habits You Need To Develop

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Here are 5 soccer winger habits you need to develop! Get 15% off Rukket Soccer Equipment Here!

There are certain habits you want to make second nature if you want to be a second nature. By working on these to the point where you don’t have to think about them, you’ll be a much more effective wide player!

How To Cross A Soccer Ball Like Kevin De Bruyne:

How To Drive At A Defender And Make Him Nervous:

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About this video: We go over some of the better habits a winger needs to be effective in matches!

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7 thoughts on “5 Soccer Winger Habits You Need To Develop

    1. Oh and can you plz plz try to make a video kind of on the flip side of this. What do I do and how do i defend an unpredictable attacker sprinting right at me in the best way. Thank youuu if you do read this <3

  1. Hey Dave
    I noticed you don’t have train effective discount link in your description anymore and stopped promoting them I was wondering if you work with them any more
    Anyways great videos man

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